December 10, 2012

Christmas Shopping

at Monday, December 10, 2012
Voodoo Donuts, oreo & maple bacon 
Voodoo Donuts
The Donuts

We went to Portland Saturday Market and played around for a couple hours. We were shopping for one another for Christmas.

Love Portland Saturday Market
Finishing the evening with friends at McMenamins roof top bar.

Third Street is so incredible this time of the year.

The view from under our tree. We wrapped each others gifts and put them under our beautiful Christmas tree.


Anna on December 18, 2012 at 7:28 PM said...

sorry, Jade, you'll probably never see this comment because it's like 10 posts down your blog. But I had to mention that it took me about 20 full seconds to recognize the maple bacon donut as a donut and not a piece of pizza. I was really confused for a long time... well... if 20 seconds is considered a long time.

So... did you guys see what you bought each other for Christmas? I had Derek buy his own presents (a suit and a chain saw) and he bought me a dishwasher 6 months ago and I call that good enough. We're not very romantic anymore. Just wait 6 years and you'll be there too... or one year (in our case... or I guess we never really were very romantic in the first place.)


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