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October 28, 2010

Amazing Women Photographer of the past!

Lisa Larsen
(1925 – 1959)

German born Lisa Larsen came to New York as an adolescent and after graduating from college when she was only 17 years old. Larsen then became a young apprentice photographer for Vogue magazine. Later, as a freelancer, she had assignments from New York Times Magazine, Parade, Glamour, Vogue, Charm and Holiday.  In 1950, LIFE magazine hired Larsen as a contract photographer through February, 1958. Working with a Leica camera in color and black and white, Larsen became known as the “glamour girl” of press photography for her way of endearing herself to people, particularly those in the news. Larsen had a way of bringing out the lovely and engaging side of the people she photographed. Larsen’s photographs reflected great emotional intensity, and she produced warm, realistic, sympathetic portraits. Larsen was a very attractive woman and liked people, and the people she photographed quickly grew to like her as well. Larsen also had a way of being front-row center where the news was. 
In 1957, Larsen was diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone an operation, bounced back and everything looked fine. But it wasn’t. Larsen died in March of 1959 from cancer.  
Portrait of Lisa Larsen

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